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help them succeed, create jobs and bring down unemployment. I have done that.

    I promised also to encourage new companies to relocate in our area. I have done that.

   Unlike other candidates at this election, I don’t have to make promises I am unable to keep. Instead, I am happy simply to stand on my record.

    So, the only promise I make at this election, as I did at the last, is to continue representing you in exactly the same way, which is always to put my constituents first.

    On this website you will find literature that is being distributed during the current General Election. If you like what you read then I hope very much you will vote for me on 12th December and let me carry on standing up for our community.






FOR the past nine and a half years I have been your Member of Parliament. It has been a tremendous honour and privilege to represent the people of Sittingbourne and Sheppey, a constituency in which I have lived for 38 years.

    When I was first elected in May 2010 I promised to always put the interests of my constituents before that of party politics. I have done that.

   I promised to commute to Westminster every day when Parliament was sitting and not to claim for a second home. I have done that.

   I promised to only claim reasonable expenses directly related to my Parliamentary duties and to be utterly transparent. I have done that.

    I promised always to be accessible to my constituents and to offer what help I could whenever they had a problem. I have done that.

I promised to work closely with local businesses to



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